About Us

The Porter Group has been in business since 1977 and our sales recruiters have received the highest level of training.

By demonstrating the highest degree of professionalism and integrity to both our clients and candidates, we have become the leading business-to-business sales and sales management recruiting firm in the Mid-Atlantic marketplace featuring sales, management, business development and marketing opportunities in today’s hottest industries.

We are ranked by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America and we have been ranked for over a decade as the top Sales Recruiting firm by the local business journals.  We have also been recognized as one of the best staffing firms to work for in North America.

About Porter Group

Our clients include the World’s best known sales organizations, our country’s oldest family run companies, and the fastest growing hi-tech firms. We have been instrumental in helping our clients gain market share in both competitive and emerging markets because we know what it takes!

To fulfill a client’s needs and a candidate’s expectations it takes a personal touch.

We are not a resume service. Our sales recruiters interview all our candidates face to face before they are recommended to our clients. By understanding all the intangibles that are not found by just looking at a resume, we ensure the best possible fit for both sides.

Through our years of experience, we have found that it is often the personality, presence, polish and communication skills that makes the difference between a “fit on paper” and a grand slam hire.

We have been successful in the placement of over 17,000 sales professionals! Porter Group Recruiters are sales professionals who understand the dynamics of your industry and can guide both clients and candidates to achieve a high level of success!

The Sales Recruiters

Our 16 Sales recruiters have been with our company for almost 9 years on average (not in the recruiting business, but with our company, specializing in sales)…which is unheard of in the industry…and each sales recruiter is on straight commission. We like to boast this because it shows that we know how to build strong sales forces and how to make long lasting career matches…think about it.

(PSR) Professional Sales Recruiter Certification

The Professional Sales Recruiter certification is unique to the Porter Group.
PSR is sales recruiting specific, not a catch all, generic certification that anyone can get. It is a 3 hour rigorous, live fire, real scenario training program. It incorporates all the fundamental sales recruiting skills as well as Porter Group’s advanced proprietary techniques. The end result is that our candidates and clients do not have their needs left in the hands of amateurs.

Charities We Support

We give a portion of our sales to these AWESOME organizations on a monthly basis.

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Please consider donating if you have the means.

Questions?… please contact us here or via e-mail to see how we can work together for your success!  You can also fill out our Request Sales Talent form.


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