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Sales Executive

Entry Level - Software
Baltimore Metro
Job Summary:
Software development company in Columbia seeks an inside Sales Executive! Qualified candidates will have 6 months of more of stable…

Sales Representative

Industrial - Services
New Jersey
Job Summary:
Industry leader is looking for a Commercial Sales Rep for the Northern NJ market to sell diversified services. Candidates must…

Sales Associate

Entry Level - Business Service
D.C. Metro
Job Summary:
Our client, an international trade association, is expanding its professional sales force. They are looking for someone with 1 or…

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With more than 35 years of proven sales recruiting and staffing experience, The Porter Group has become the leader in business-to-business sales and sales management recruiting and staffing.  We have filled thousands of sales and management jobs for Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small to medium sized companies.

Key Factors

  • Founded in 1977
  • 18,000+ sales professionals placed
  • 100+ candidates interviewed per week
  • 80% referral rate
  • 16 Sales Recruiters have been with company for almost 9 years on average (unheard of in the industry)

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In Sales, What Does Value Really Mean?

June 13th, 2018

By Jeffrey Gitomer –  Your customer is looking to increase THEIR sales, THEIR customer loyalty, THEIR employee loyalty, THEIR productivity, THEIR morale, THEIR profit, and to have no problems. Are those the values you bring to the table? Value is perhaps the most illusive word in sales. Everyone will tell you how important it is, very […]

Forgotten Techniques That Really Do Close Sales

June 6th, 2018

By Vanessa Merit Nornberg Making a sale is a daunting task for a lot of us, but only because of the bad reputation salespeople have garnered over time as pests and scheisters. We are now programmed to automatically think that if we try to sell something to someone, we will be thought the dreaded “A” word–aggressive–or […]

7 Proven Strategies to Close the Sale Faster (From Master Salespeople)

May 30th, 2018

By The Oracles –  Closing the sale is what separates the average from the extraordinary businessperson. Top dealmakers and members of The Oracles share their proven strategies for closing your next big sale. Grant Cardone 1. Make eye contact and make them laugh. Closing isn’t about luck. Too many people believe that selling is just a numbers […]