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Outside Sales Executive

Hi Tech - IT Consulting
New Jersey
Job Summary:
Expanding technology company seeks an aggressive and driven Outside Sales Executive to join their Northern NJ office. Qualified candidates must…

Senior Account Manager

Services - Business Service
Northern Virginia
Job Summary:
National outsourcing service provider seeks a tenured Business Develop Executive to manage accounts and bring in new business in a…

Inside Sales Executive

Telecommunications - Software
Baltimore Metro
Job Summary:
Outstanding opportunity to join a leader in the communications and security applications arena. Our client seeks highly motivated Inside Sales…

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With more than 35 years of proven sales recruiting and staffing experience, The Porter Group has become the leader in business-to-business sales and sales management recruiting and staffing.  We have filled thousands of sales and management jobs for Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small to medium sized companies.

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  • Founded in 1977
  • 18,000+ sales professionals placed
  • 100+ candidates interviewed per week
  • 80% referral rate
  • 16 Sales Recruiters have been with company for almost 9 years on average (unheard of in the industry)

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The Most Hired Employees Have These Skills

July 18th, 2019

By Ryan Jenkins Millennial and Generation Z speaker and generations expert Today’s expanding skills gap is threatening the long-term prosperity of many (if not all) organizations. The labor pool shrinking, technology forcing reskilling, and global competition heating up are all contributing to the widening of today’s skills gap. Leaders have identified the skills shortage as a top concern […]

How to keep your work from creeping into your personal life

July 11th, 2019

BY ELIZABETH GRACE SAUNDERS Why do so many people feel like they’re never really able to turn work off completely? With some jobs, you truly do have to be available to work 24/7: think doctor on an on-call day. But most jobs don’t require giving your work this level of access to your personal time. So why […]

Do your employees do personal tasks during the workday? Here's why you should let them

June 28th, 2019

Published June 18, 2019.  As an employer, it’s natural to want to get the most out of your employees during the workday. The more productive they are, the more your business benefits. In fact, when you’re on the management side, you may not take kindly to catching your employees engaging in personal tasks during the day, […]