Why Awesome Salespeople Fail to Sell Themselves

By Kostas Chiotis –  While it might not be a secret, the fact is you need to sell yourself if you want to land that dream job. It doesn’t matter if that position is a sales position with a high-growth company – one that comes with a great package and a company car – or... Read More

The Secrets of Sales Success

By Kevin Harrington –  Why is it some people struggle to sell their products or services no matter how hard they try, while others seem able to sell just about anything to anyone? It’s almost as if people who experience phenomenal sales success know something others don’t, like they have insider info that gives them... Read More

Suffering from Sales Performance Anxiety?

By Liz Wendling –  What happens to you when you are knocked off your game? Do you choke in a pressure selling situation? I forgot what I was supposed to say. You’re in an important sales meeting or presentation. All eyes are on you. You’re discussing your features and benefits. You highlight your expertise. You... Read More

How We Made Our Sales Training More Effective by Making It Harder

By Jeff Winters –  Not long ago, my company was the king of ineffective sales training. We’d hire and onboard reps and then train them in a hurried few weeks dedicated to shadowing sales calls, reading call scripts, and learning how to handle objections. As the company grew, however, I found that individual sales approaches... Read More

How to Measure Sales Fitness

By Peter Gillett –  Despite the plethora of martech and sales enablement technologies now on the market, most sales teams are still performing at sub-optimal levels. With all these new tools making a salesperson’s job easier, there’s no excuse for your sales team not to excel. Sure new technologies in other industries can be a... Read More