Social Networking sites…Career Advancement Friend and Foe

By James C. Porter

Social networking has become the new hot thing in the private and professional lives of many individuals. Its helps people connect with old friends, stay in touch with family and provides new business development opportunities for sales professionals. It also provides savvy employers a way to research a potential hire in a whole new way. The results of which can be both good and bad. Even if you think your information is confidential, many of these networking sites allow other businesses to pay a monthly or yearly fee to have access to the information you publish. The following information gives the top reasons for hiring or eliminating potential employees based on the information provided about them on many of these websites.

Reasons why employers will eliminate a career seeker from the interview process after locating them on a social networking site.

  • Drug use or Drinking
  • Posting inappropriate or provocative photos and information
  • Poor communication/writing skills
  • Person talked poorly about their previous employer or fellow employees
  • The person lied about their qualifications

Reasons why employers will hire a career seeker after locating them on a social networking site.

  • Person’s background was consistent with the job qualifications and their resume
  • Person demonstrated good communication/writing skills
  • Person seemed to be a good fit for the company culture
  • Person exhibited a professional image
  • Person had great references posted by others