Setting Exceptional Business Goals To Become Rich

What’s very telling is that most business people actually set relatively low goals. There are a number of reasons for this. By setting low goals, they can avoid feelings of failure and remorse with relatively easy hurdles to jump. Moreover, they can claim success and have a great sense of achievement by vaulting these easy hurdles. This approach to goal setting can do a wonderful job for their self-esteem and their perceptions of their competence, but it regularly and miserably fails to get great results.

Many self-made millionaires have extensive experience with disappointment and are not averse to lowering their sights. However, few of them are disposed to low goal setting. Instead, self-made millionaires have a tendency to go strongly in the other direction. In many business situations they’ll set audacious business objectives.

Sam Walton once said: “I believe in always having goals, and always setting them high.”
Exceptional business goals are not preferences or aspirations; they’re not hopes and yearnings. Exceptional business goals are needs and requirements that are recognized as necessary to amass serious money.

In setting exceptional business goals, you need to think big. Somewhat paradoxically, the bolder you are, the more likely for you to meet and even exceed your expectations. And, if you are going to fall short, you’re still likely to accomplish so much more than you would have otherwise.

Exceptional business goals are very powerful in keeping you highly motivated and helping you concentrate your actions in majorly productive ways. They also ensure you stay devoted to getting results that truly matter. As business situations, such as in the case of complex and heated negotiations, become highly stressful, exceptional business goals prove useful in keeping you mentally astute and tightly focused on your agenda.

The following steps can help you set your exceptional business goals:

1.Look just beyond the horizon of what you feel is realistic and reasonable. Your exceptional business goals should be apparently out of reach, but with considerable effort reachable.

2.Shrink the time horizon. Identify how long you think it’s going to take for you to achieve these goals, provided you can do so. Now, shorten the time horizon.

3.Specify how your exceptional business goals will translate into personal wealth. Connect all the dots between your exceptional business goals and your personal fortune. You need to be very concrete indicating how you’ll become wealthy as well as how this wealth will impact your life.

4.Detail the incremental steps you’ll need to take to achieve your exceptional business goals. While some of these goals may be tactical and the actions supporting them self-evident, many will likely not. For the latter exceptional business goals, you need to specify what steps and actions are going to get you there.

5.Memorialize your exceptional business goals. Write them down and continually refer to them. It can also be helpful if you share your exceptional business goals with close confidants. By codifying your exceptional business goals in these ways, you’re ensuring that you don’t delude or cheat yourself, and it turns out be both motivating and attention focusing.
Remember, exceptional business goals are brash and aggressive. They’re regularly essential to stellar business success, and consequently, your ability to create meaningful personal wealth.

By Russ Alan Prince