Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips for a Sales Position

Face-to-face interviews are most often the deciding factor between candidates who have a similar track record and qualifications. Make your interviews memorable experiences!

Use these tools below to sharpen your interview skills:

  • Interview Basics
    These fundamentals are a MUST KNOW for anyone about to be interviewed.
  • 7 Keys to Preparing for an Interview
    You never know what the interviewer might ask. Don’t leave it up to chanceā€¦ learn how to adequately prepare yourself.
  • The Art of Interviewing
    Just like oratory, interviewing can be considered an art form. Find out how establishing empathy with your interviewer can create a more positive experience for both of you.
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Don’t forget, after each interview, be sure to immediately send a “thank you” letter, or you won’t even be considered for the next round.