The job market has really been heating up the last couple weeks!

The job market has really been heating up the last couple weeks!...employers are starting to be more open regarding experience. Read More

Define Success for Yourself

Society has its own standard of success. Some people reach it and some don’t. Many who do reach it wonder what it was all for. Before you jump on society’s bandwagon learn to express what true success means to you. Read More

What were they thinking: Greeting the receptionist

We had a situation recently during one of our candidate's interviews. Upon arriving this person was very rude and rather obnoxious to the receptionist. Now the companies we deal with value their employees very much especially a good admin person...and many ask how a candidate behaved or presented themselves when they came in for the... Read More

“Thank You” letters are not simply a formality

Thank You" letters are not simply a formality. They let a potential employer know that you understand how to conduct business in the professional world. Additionally, you get a chance to put a few more good words in for yourself… and close the interview again or ask for the job offer one more time. Read More

7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Interviews

In the midst of technological advancement nowadays, the "back-to-basics" rule still applies when it comes to getting hired for a job. It does not matter if you are planning to apply for a million-dollar company or a small, independent firm. When you face an interviewer, it all boils down to how you present yourself. This... Read More