Video Job Interviews: 10 Ways To Shine

By Nancy Dunham, Next Avenue Contributor  Job interviews are increasingly being done by video. Sometimes, it’s because applicants and interviewers are in different cities. Other times, it’s because employers find video interviews an efficient way to “meet” multiple candidates. In certain cases, job seekers film answers to questions and the hiring managers can watch anytime. If you’ve never... Read More

How not to choke during your next high-stakes job interview

BY GWEN MORAN Sure, you’re going to do your homework and be prepared. But these tips can help you deal with the pressure. You finally got the interview for that big job or promotion. As it gets closer, you make sure to prepare. It’s a great opportunity, but you’re haunted by one recurring thought: What... Read More

The Most Hired Employees Have These Skills

By Ryan Jenkins Millennial and Generation Z speaker and generations expert Today’s expanding skills gap is threatening the long-term prosperity of many (if not all) organizations. The labor pool shrinking, technology forcing reskilling, and global competition heating up are all contributing to the widening of today’s skills gap. Leaders have identified the skills shortage as a top concern... Read More

How to keep your work from creeping into your personal life

BY ELIZABETH GRACE SAUNDERS Why do so many people feel like they’re never really able to turn work off completely? With some jobs, you truly do have to be available to work 24/7: think doctor on an on-call day. But most jobs don’t require giving your work this level of access to your personal time. So why... Read More

Do your employees do personal tasks during the workday? Here’s why you should let them

Published June 18, 2019.  As an employer, it’s natural to want to get the most out of your employees during the workday. The more productive they are, the more your business benefits. In fact, when you’re on the management side, you may not take kindly to catching your employees engaging in personal tasks during the day,... Read More