Selling Is Not About Relationships

By: Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson Ask any sales leader how selling has changed in the past decade, and you’ll hear a lot of answers but only one recurring theme: It’s a lot harder. Yet even in these difficult times, every sales organization has a few stellar performers. Who are these people? How can we... Read More

3 Crushing Mistakes Most Salespeople Make

 BY MARC WAYSHAK Every year, I work with thousands of salespeople across industries. As a result, I get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in today’s fast-changing marketplace. What I’ve discovered is this: The vast majority of salespeople make the same mistakes, over and over again. And they don’t even seem to realize it.... Read More

The 7 Sales Skills That Can’t Be Taught

1. CURIOSITY We sell to a huge variety of customers. The market and products around them change so fast, it’s impossible to have up-to-date training and curriculum on every single thing. A naturally curious salesperson can put themselves in the customer’s shoes, get to the bottom of their problem, and present a solution that meets... Read More

7 Reasons Why Deals Don’t Close

We’ve all been there. You’ve tried everything you can think of. You’ve made your best offer and then some. This time, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get the client to sign on the dotted line. Regardless of the industry you work in, the ability to close the deal is... Read More

5 Problems with Predictable Revenue

  By: Aaron Ross Let me start by saying that I love Aaron Ross as a human being and as a sales strategist. He has adopted a ton of kids and been the galvanizing force behind the Sales Development revolution that is helping so many companies grow faster than ever before. He’s just a good dude. That said... Read More