Re-Capture with Agreement

By: John Watson

How do you recapture an account that has gone dormant or where the owners are unhappy?

It can be a challenge if you are in charge of accounts to keep everyone happy and excited about the product or service you offer. It is inevitable that some of the people you do business with will at some point in time be unhappy with you or your product. Maybe you sold them a car that broke down 2 months after they bought it. Maybe the service you sold them isn’t meeting their needs the way they expected it would. Maybe they are just having a bad day/week/year and decide to take it out on you.

What is the answer to reactivating them and getting them to sing your praises?

Agree with them. Agree with whatever they say.

Go over the top with agreeing with them. If you want agreement from anyone you have to be agreeable first. Even if the customer is completely wrong, agree with them.

Let me illustrate….

Let’s say you are a business consultant and you advise small business owners on the vision and direction of their company should go. You have a great product and you offer a great service. Three months ago you advised Steve, owner of a small graphic design firm on how he could better target businesses with 500+ employees. Success doing that would more than double his current revenue. Well, to date he has been less than successful implementing the systems you recommended and helped put in place.

You meet with Steve, the owner of XYZ Graphic Design firm and the conversation goes like this:

You: Good Afternoon Steve! Good to see you again!

Steve: Hi, Nathan. I’m very unhappy with the results I’ve received from the recommendations you’ve made and your services are just too expensive so I’m dropping you.

You: Steve, I agree, my services are expensive and you could certainly find another business consultant to do an adequate job for significantly less.

Steve: No, I just haven’t been successful with the recommendations you’ve made so I’m going to look elsewhere.

You: Steve, my job is to find the right product and the right systems that fit your needs exactly, at a price that is agreeable to you.

I wouldn’t expect you to continue to do business with me unless I can find a solution that fits your needs exactly. Would you allow me to take a closer look at what’s not working so that I can better determine how to help you the most?

Steve: Sure, I’ll allow that.

You: Great, Steve! Thank you!

Ok let’s dissect the conversation a little bit. Before the conversation really even starts this person is projecting a happy and confident attitude. Once the customer tells him how unhappy he is he agrees with the customer and even tells him he could find someone that is adequate for less money. The thing is this business owner doesn’t want someone to do an adequate job he wants someone who is going to deliver way above and beyond adequate – that’s you!

Once you have agreed with him you go even further and reiterate your commitment to finding the very best product/service that fits his needs exactly.

If the customer truly does want the services you are offering it’ll be rare that they’ll turn down the opportunity to get EXACTLY what they want.

Once you’ve received agreement to continue doing business with your company you’ve now recaptured their business and now it’s your job to deliver.