On Our Radar: Do Toasty Offices Boost Productivity?

Ever paid attention to the temperature in your office? The office thermostat can profoundly affect employee productivity and relationships, according to Fast Company. Too cold, and workers are likely to view their colleagues as less generous and caring; warmth, on the other hand, encourages camaraderie and productivity. – Leslie Kwoh

Boost your career without doing adding to your workload? Sure, says Amy Levin-Epstein for CBSMoneyWatch. Some ideas: pick up a hobby with a coworker or go back to school. – Francesca Donner

For more on fitting in self-improvement when you can, Forbes has 14 things you should do during the daily lunch break. Among the tips: Get up from your desk, catch up with old friends and network. Oh, and don’t forget to eat. — Nikki Waller