3. What can we do to help the customer grow her business going forward? Even on the heels of a bad experience, my job is to continue to help my customer get what she needs from my company. The easiest way to do that is by helping the customer put the problem officially behind her. To do so, I can something like “I’m glad we got the issue cleared up. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the new line of aftercare we brought in. I think it will really help your clients care for the work you have done on them.” This lets them know that we can move forward together despite any bumps we have encountered.

Instead of slinking away from negative experience objections, sales reps should regard them as useful because they are always specific–unlike empty or obtuse rejections like “I’m good right now” or “If I need something, I’ll call you”. Vague obstacles require much more finesse (and experience) to get around than a flat out “you screwed up on X”. Sales reps who learn to relish negative push-back, rather than run from it, will see that it’s actually the fastest way to open the conversation on more sales.