Interviewing: Know Your Goal

When you are in an interview, never forget your job is to either get to the next step in the process or receive an offer.

It is vitally important that you do not try to decide “if you are interested” in the position during the interview.  Often the first step or two in the process are part of the screening process.  It is only when you meet with your future employer that you have a true picture of the culture and opportunity being offered.

If you try to decide during the interview IF you are interested, often this is misinterpreted by the employer as a lack of interest.  I’ve had candidates tell me that for the first 2/3 of the interview they were not interested, but once they had all the information they are extremely interested in the opportunity.

The problem with this scenario is the client lost interest half way through the interview because there was no apparent interest on the part of the candidate.  You need to always stress your interest in a position and your confidence in your abilities to do the job!

The only time you need to decide whether you are interested or not is when you have an offer in hand.  Now you have something to decide about!  Never underestimate the importance in showing your high interest level and sharing with the interviewer why you would love to work for them and their company.

When you conduct research about the company prior to the interview, you are armed with valuable information you can include in some of your responses.  Arrive prepared, showing a high level of interest with confidence to match and you have a very good chance of getting a job offer!