Porter Group Sales Recruiting Process


  • Discussion of your needs and our Sales Recruiting Process
  • Determine if it makes sense to work with our sales recruiters and arrange an agreement
  • Expectations


  • Develop complete profile of your company and open position(s)
  • Determine sales candidate qualifications
  • Discussion of candidate critical success factors
  • Gain insight into management personalities & work environment to understand the cultural fit
  • Evaluate Compensation vs. Job Qualifications…Is it realistic?

Candidate Sales Recruiting Process

  • Presentation of your company & review of your hiring needs with our Tenured 16+ member recruiting team
  • Completely cover the market for sales and management talent (See how we do it)
  • Porter Group recruiters meet ALL candidates face to face in person or via video conferencing
  • Prepare selected candidates to meet with you

Interviewing Sales Candidtates

  • Discussion of protocol and all decision makers in the process
  • Schedule meetings
  • Gather and discuss feedback
  • Coach and prep on what is necessary to secure the sales candidate you want to hire
  • Offer extension
  • Offer acceptance assistance and debriefing

Post placement follow up

  • Periodic follow-up throughout the beginning of candidate’s new career
  • Intervention to remedy any concerns or miscommunication that may arise
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