What Should You Expect From a Top Sales Recruiting Firm?

  • We will treat you and the others in your company with respect and professionalism.
  • We never recruit from any of our clients
  • Expect us to listen to you
  • We will ask very thorough questions about you, your company and your open positions.
  • We will give our candid opinion in regards to the search criteria, the competitiveness of the compensation, and the protocol of the interview process.
  • We ask for immediate feedback regarding interviews so we know that we are targeting the correct profiles for you and meeting your expectations.
  • You can expect us to correctly identify your needs.
  • You can expect us to cover the entire marketplace to uncover the best sales and management talent. (see how we do it)
  • We will follow up immediately and give you candidate feedback.
  • We will give you thorough feedback that will help you to secure the candidates you want to hire.

What We Need From You

  • We work with companies that view us as business partners. Please treat our candidates and employees professionally.
  • We need you to provide us with accurate and complete information so we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
  • Please keep our information and our candidates’ information confidential.
  • In order to best help you, we need direct communication with all decision makers to gather feedback after each interview takes place.
  • We need you to create a work environment that allows the people we place with you to succeed.
  • Please follow through on what is promised to the people we place with you.
  • Please give us feedback on how we can improve our staffing and recruiting services.
  • Please send us referrals if we have earned your respect and provided you with a valued service.
Contact Us… and we will call you immediately to discuss your needs and our capabilities.