The Porter Group’s sales recruiting system helps our clients build the strongest sales organizations possible by finding the right sales professional—one who not only fills your requirements, but also fits your company.

As a leading sales recruitment agency we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to medium-sized businesses. By getting to know your company’s staffing requirements, our tenured sales recruiters (who have an average tenure of 8+ years with our company) are able to recommend qualified individuals who will become an asset to your business. We always work as one big team on your account.

“While we are proud of the Porter Group’s accomplishments, we are especially gratified with the success we’ve helped our clients achieve. In the final analysis, we’re successful only when our clients are successful.”

James Porter, President Porter Group
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Benefits of Using a Leading Sales Recruiting Firm – Porter Group

  • Our sales recruiters have an average tenure of 8+ years with our company…which is unheard of in the Sales Recruiting industry and proves that we know how to build sales forces.
  • The sales force is the lifeblood of your company. Working with our tenured sales recruiting team ensures your critical hiring needs will not be left in the hands of amateurs. All of our sales recruiters are PSR certified on a yearly basis.
  • By introducing you to top performers, we will save you the time and cost of advertising.
  • We interview all candidates face to face. This means we will present individuals who meet the requirements and background for the position, saving you the time of going through stacks of résumés and wasteful interviews.
  • The Porter Group interviews more than 100+ candidates a week. This allows us to respond immediately to new job openings or spearhead a startup’s expansion.
  • We provide quality service with fast turnaround time, therefore minimizing neglected territories that are losing money.
  • We offer you the use of our interview rooms, away from the distractions of your office, so you have the opportunity to talk to candidates privately and without interruption.
  • Unlike typical sales staffing agencies we have unique candidate sourcing methods with an 80% referral rate! You have the benefit of seeing selected candidates not found on the Internet and those who did not respond to advertising.
  • Our firm works on retained and contingency searches
  • We offer complete sales talent coverage. (See how we do it)
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