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Letting Others Shine Can Get You Sky-High Referral Rate

By John Ruhlin –  Decades ago, sales professionals hit upon a mantra to understand how to woo prospects: “What’s in it for me?” But too many salespeople today forget that this question comes from the customer’s point of view, not their own. Want proof of this attitude reversal? Look no further than a recent DiscoverOrg study on... Read More

In Sales, What Does Value Really Mean?

By Jeffrey Gitomer –  Your customer is looking to increase THEIR sales, THEIR customer loyalty, THEIR employee loyalty, THEIR productivity, THEIR morale, THEIR profit, and to have no problems. Are those the values you bring to the table? Value is perhaps the most illusive word in sales. Everyone will tell you how important it is, very... Read More

Forgotten Techniques That Really Do Close Sales

By Vanessa Merit Nornberg Making a sale is a daunting task for a lot of us, but only because of the bad reputation salespeople have garnered over time as pests and scheisters. We are now programmed to automatically think that if we try to sell something to someone, we will be thought the dreaded “A” word–aggressive–or... Read More

7 Proven Strategies to Close the Sale Faster (From Master Salespeople)

By The Oracles –  Closing the sale is what separates the average from the extraordinary businessperson. Top dealmakers and members of The Oracles share their proven strategies for closing your next big sale. Grant Cardone 1. Make eye contact and make them laugh. Closing isn’t about luck. Too many people believe that selling is just a numbers... Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Engaging Your Lead in Person

By Ryan Myers –  We’ve all been caught in a tricky text thread, the kind where you absentmindedly respond to a friend’s question with a simple “OK” and then suddenly find yourself getting the cold shoulder. If only you’d had that conversation face-to-face! Perhaps that’s why so many people in sales — a full 65 percent,... Read More