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7 Proven Strategies to Close the Sale Faster (From Master Salespeople)

By The Oracles –  Closing the sale is what separates the average from the extraordinary businessperson. Top dealmakers and members of The Oracles share their proven strategies for closing your next big sale. Grant Cardone 1. Make eye contact and make them laugh. Closing isn’t about luck. Too many people believe that selling is just a numbers... Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Engaging Your Lead in Person

By Ryan Myers –  We’ve all been caught in a tricky text thread, the kind where you absentmindedly respond to a friend’s question with a simple “OK” and then suddenly find yourself getting the cold shoulder. If only you’d had that conversation face-to-face! Perhaps that’s why so many people in sales — a full 65 percent,... Read More

Sales Enablement Defined

By Bob Junke –  Recently, I had the honor of being asked by the Sales Enablement Society (SES) to offer my definition of sales enablement as an alternative to the one the SES Definition Working Group came up with. My definition follows, along with the reasons for it and application of it. I hope you... Read More

Why Awesome Salespeople Fail to Sell Themselves

By Kostas Chiotis –  While it might not be a secret, the fact is you need to sell yourself if you want to land that dream job. It doesn’t matter if that position is a sales position with a high-growth company – one that comes with a great package and a company car – or... Read More

The Secrets of Sales Success

By Kevin Harrington –  Why is it some people struggle to sell their products or services no matter how hard they try, while others seem able to sell just about anything to anyone? It’s almost as if people who experience phenomenal sales success know something others don’t, like they have insider info that gives them... Read More