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10 Social Media Blunders That Cost Millennial Jobs — or Worse

By Susie Poppick – A generation that lives its life on Facebook and Twitter learns the hard way that the bar for what can get you fired is surprisingly low. As managers grow savvier (and Facebook privacy settings grow meaningless) it is increasingly foolish to assume that those years-old photos of you double-fisting shots won’t come... Read More

Do You Have a Selling System?

By Dave Kahle “I have my own style of selling.” That is a remark I have heard a number of times, usually from relatively inexperienced sales people. What they usually mean is something like this: “I don’t have any real system to what I do, I don’t want any scrutiny, and I probably am not... Read More

Develop a 1-Day Hiring Program to Avoid Losing In-Demand Candidates, Part 1

By Dr. John Sullivan    The average time to fill an average job in the United States is 25 days; unfortunately, in many cases top candidates are no longer available after 10 days. You may think that making quick hiring decisions would lower the quality of your hire, but the reality is that in most cases,... Read More

Too Slow or Too Low: Why Offers Are Being Rejected

By John Zappe It’s a job seekers market, but hiring managers haven’t yet fully adjusted to the change, with 40 percent of them taking almost a month to make an offer, only to find out in many cases that their candidate is turning them down. Better than 8 in 10 of the MRINetwork recruiters participating in... Read More

10 Job-Search Skills Today’s College Students Need To Master

By: William Arruda The old adage “practice makes perfect” is absolutely true when it comes to finding a job. Practice these critical job search skills so you can present your best self in the hiring process. 1. Shaking hands. Nothing says, “I’m not interested” like a limp handshake. Practice shaking hands so you get comfortable... Read More