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My New Sales Rep Had No Chance of Getting Hired, Until He Said This to Me

By Matt Given –  This is a story about an underdog. It’s about a sales guy whose resume barely made it through to the interview round. He made it through to the second round based on one thing he did in his past. And then I hired him based on how he answered one question.... Read More

Five Annoying New Interview Questions to Prepare for in 2017

By Newsdesk- It’s great to see some employers moving away from old, stale mindsets and instead treating their employees and job applicants like valued collaborators. However, some hold onto their archaic beliefs such as: During the hiring process, employers make all of the important decisions. It is perfectly appropriate for employers to ask job-seekers to... Read More

Hunter? Farmer? Your Natural Mindset Helps Determine How Many Deals You Close.

By Marc Wayshak- Millions of salespeople are at work today across industries. Their geographic locations vary, and so do their levels of experience. Yet all fall into one of four overarching categories of “selling types.” Once you figure out which category you fall into, you’ll better understand your strengths and weaknesses. That translates into a dramatically improved... Read More

Ten Things Never To Do In A New Job

By Liz Ryan –    Starting a new job can be fun or stressful or a mix of both. You’re taking in a lot of new information. You’re trying to remember everything everyone tells you and everything your five senses take in. It can be overwhelming! I recommend that you bring a notebook around the office with... Read More

Three Words to Skyrocket Your Sales

By Colleen Francis In sales, the relationship you build with your customer is much like dating: what you start with is something you can make even stronger with time, as long as you work on it! It’s an ongoing process. As Zig Ziglar wisely observed: “You will get all you want in life, if you... Read More