What You Should Expect From Us…Sales Candidate Expectations

After we have determined it makes sense to formally interview you and work together

  • You can expect to be treated professionally.
  • You can expect that ALL your information will be kept confidential.
  • We NEVER email blast your resume.
  • We will only contact you if we feel there is a potential fit with one of our clients…Please review our FAQs here
  • We will give you constructive criticism of your resume after our interview together.
  • After we meet, expect us to cover the entire career marketplace for you.
  • You will be given thorough background information on the companies we find for you.
  • You can expect to be prepped and prepared for the clients you meet through our services
  • You will be given constructive criticism of your interviewing techniques after meeting with our clients.
  • We get feedback from the decision makers you meet during your interviews with our clients
  • We never check references without your permission.
  • We will never call on another company at which you are currently interviewing with on your own.
  • When you get job offers, you can expect candid advice on which one is best for you; even if you got the offer through other means. We want you to be happy and successful in your new sales career even if we did not find it for you.
  • You can expect to feel confident knowing that we are working very hard for you even if we have not found an appropriate opportunity at present. Please remember a lot has to do with timing, and we can not always place everyone.
  • If you have concerns or any problems, expect Porter Group’s management to respond and listen to you.
  • Expect, no matter what, to develop a lifelong friendship and business partner with us, Porter Group, Inc.

What We Need From You

  • Please treat us professionally and as a business partner
  • We need you to provide us with truthful and accurate information
  • Please keep ALL our information and our client’s information confidential
  • Please understand that working in our guidelines makes our job easier and greatly increases your chances at landing the career that is best for you
  • We need direct communication with you before and after each interview takes place
  • We need you to understand that we will not call you just to say hello or check in.  We will only call when we have an opportunity for you or we are returning your call.
  • Please let us know if you accept an offer through other means. Remember, we will actively be searching for you until you tell us otherwise. Please respect our time… we respect yours.
  • We need you to send us referrals if we have earned your respect
 Career seekers: Please understand we receive over 600 resumes/applications each week. While we value all the individuals that contact us, it is impossible for us to respond to everyone.  The service we offer is free, thus we will only contact you if we believe there is an immediate fit with one of our clients.

After the initial contact, screening and consulting, we will only contact you once there is a 100% certain match between your skill set and our client’s search criteria.  After the interview process begins with our client(s) you will be communicating almost daily with your recruiter throughout the entire interview life cycle.  Please review our FAQs here  and also watch the video which describes our process in more detail.