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How to Manage The Three Types of Haters In Your Life

By Marissa Levin –  Haters. We all have them, quietly circling around us like vultures, waiting for us to fail. If we pay attention them, if we empower them and let them know they impact us, our minds can trick us into thinking that we will actually fail. I’ve identified the three types of haters that... Read More

Just Stop Fighting Yourself And Close The Sale!

    By Mark Hunter  –  It’s way too easy to put blame on the customer when they decline to say “yes” and buy from you. We’ve all had that feeling on more than a couple of instances. We can be quick to pass additional judgment by saying the price wasn’t just right or any... Read More

Always Be Looking SalesPeople

By Richard F. Libin –   Everyone will experience change at some point in life, and everyone deals with it in different ways. Some will be satisfied with the status quo and will constantly be on the lookout for impending change. Others will become blinded to the world around them and stay in their comfort... Read More

Driven to Distraction: How Latest Trends Will Hurt Your Sales Momentum

By Mark Hunter –   Now more than ever, you need to stay tightly focused on your goal if you expect to keep your level of sales motivation up. It becomes far too tempting to start chasing after the latest trend when things are not happening at the rate you expect them. We’ve all done... Read More

How to Build YES Momentum Using sales tie downs

By Mike Brooks Using tie downs is also instrumental in building that all important yes momentum. If the prospect keeps agreeing with you, then you can feel confident at the end in asking for the sale.  Tie downs also give your prospect a chance to engage with you – when you use one, you actually... Read More