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6 Horrendous Ways To Begin Your Sales Call (And What To Do Instead)

By: Lauren Bailey Combine a nervous rep and dead air, and this is what you get – one of the worst sales call intros ever. I’ve heard folks pack in their full bio, a short company history, the obligatory value prop, and get a good 1/3 down their product list before taking a breath. It’s... Read More

No More Alligators! And Other Tips for Effective Sales Development

By: Peter Gracey STOP IT…just stop…for the love of something please stop sending me your cookie-cutter prospecting emails. My level of frustration with the way emails are used by Sales Development Reps has been building over the last year. My inbox continues to overflow with them while the quality of the messages deteriorate daily. I... Read More

Is Cold Email Illegal?

Alright, there it is. The million-dollar question. Is cold email illegal? I mean, if we at had gotten a penny every time someone asked us this question, we’d have like… 2 dollars or something. (No need to copy and paste, just download our FREE international SPAM laws guide) What is cold email? Cold emailing consists in sending unsolicited... Read More

Selling Is Not About Relationships

By: Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson Ask any sales leader how selling has changed in the past decade, and you’ll hear a lot of answers but only one recurring theme: It’s a lot harder. Yet even in these difficult times, every sales organization has a few stellar performers. Who are these people? How can we... Read More

3 Crushing Mistakes Most Salespeople Make

 BY MARC WAYSHAK Every year, I work with thousands of salespeople across industries. As a result, I get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in today’s fast-changing marketplace. What I’ve discovered is this: The vast majority of salespeople make the same mistakes, over and over again. And they don’t even seem to realize it.... Read More