4 Steps to Converting a Daily Deal into a Life-Long Client

4 Steps to Converting a Daily Deal into a Life-Long Client
By Aaron Sansoni

Over the last few years, Daily Deals have gone from being virtually non-existent to so prolific that you can score yourself a deal on almost anything, from luxurious holidays to extension cables, and most things in between.

Seeing the potential of Daily Deals as sales vehicles, many businesses have signed up to have their products or services ‘dealt’ away, however, despite this enthusiastic uptake from business owners, the vast majority quash the true potential of running a daily deal without even realising it.

It still frustrates and baffles me that some business owners are yet to understand the real business reason for using a daily deal to sell their product or service. Too many of them do it for a quick sales spike; it’s your typical short-term business mentality.
Running a daily deal the right way is really simple concept. Run the daily deal at little to no profit, sometimes even a loss (I hear all the short-termers gasping!) – the outcome of this move will be a high volume of clients attracted to the deal and therefore into your business. Then you’re on. It’s time to make magic.

Like many of you, I have bought many daily deals and more often than not, the business owners and their staff just don’t get it. Too often they show how inconvenienced they are by ‘all these deals’, and even worse, they exhibit a mentality of ‘I won’t put in 100% effort because these clients are getting a freebie anyway’ as no money is being paid at the time of the service. They seem to forget that money has already been paid in advance and this in fact increases the client’s expectation. Another key problem, as I’m about to show you, is that many businesses have absolutely no back-end process to turn us into lifetime raving fans.

Here are my 4 steps to making sure every deal you run converts 100% of the clients you see/sell to into client for life.

1.Run a deal that’s an ‘irresistible offer’. You can’t just put something together that doesn’t really grab people. Daily deals and daily deal sites are everywhere and consumers are becoming blind to the phenomena. Just like billboard advertising when it boomed in the 90’s, now it takes a super billboard to draw out attention on the roads because we have become accustomed to them. Daily deals are become the same, so your first step is making sure you offer cuts through the noise and grabs people. If you product or service usually sells for $79 guess what – you can’t run it on a daily deal site for $59!!! Think minimum 50% off; you want people to feel like they are getting a great deal – something they can tell their friends and family about!

2.Plan the process. The deal needs to form a part of a system and strategy designed for the end result; a customer for life. So look at your products and services- what can you offer that is the first step in a larger process or a large sale? In other words you need an ‘Ascension Plan’ that takes your clients from the daily deal sale into higher and more profitable value sales. For instance if you’re a day spa, what is a common widely used service in your business? A massage. So use that to bring in customers and have packages prepared for an easy up sell into facials and longer massage time offered on the day of their visit with the deal OR as part of their next visit. Another example would be a restaurant offering a main mean and coffee, then up selling to entree’s, desserts and alcohol on the deal visit. You can do more business during the daily deal as well as after if you plan.

3.Create a memorable experience and inducing the law of reciprocation. If your deal is a product, send it with a free additional product and call the customer to thank them for their business. This give you a chance to create your relationship, it’s the opening gates. Giving a customer more than they expected is not only good business practice but ensures your customer feel in a way in debt to you and may look to repay the favour through additional purchase.

If you’re offering a service, you have the option to just mention ‘on the spot’ up sells and cross sells as well as your chance to show them why this should be the start of a new relationship with you. What if you upgraded then on the spot to a better service they weren’t expecting for free? Do we now have law of reciprocity at work? Absolutely.
Your entire client facing staff must be on the same page here, they must understand that the daily deal is nothing more than a chance to build rapport and have a stronger understanding of potential new client’s needs and wants. Creating experiences for your new customer is your focus. What emotional feeling will they link to your company, staff, products and services?

4.Ensure a strong follow up process is ready to launch after their deal. After your new customer has experienced what you have to offer, make sure your ready to keep in contact regularly. This doesn’t just mean and email or a letter once a year at ‘sale’ time. This means creating a relationship that’s on-going. A regular phone call, sales emails, non sales email like free offerings and newsletters and maybe a hand written birthday card? The sky is the limit.

Aaron has a long trail of success stories in 4 continents and has been at the Sales and Marketing Coaching and Consulting forefront for over a decade. He has trained and coached thousands of business owners and sales professionals from across many industries, helping them break through and achieve phenomenal results. Aaron is the Founder and CEO of Coach Me, a leading specialist SME business coaching firm, as well as a sought-after Key Note Speaker. He can be reached at enquiries@aaronsansoni.com