2. Qualitative qualifiers: What other, non-quantitative, common traits do you best leads share?

Do they have a specific job function or title?

Is it that they are in a specific niche or vertical?

Do they have a specific problem or pain point?

3. Decision Making Authority: Are you talking with a researcher, influencer, or decider?

Is this even a decision your prospect can make?

Or are they just one step in a longer decision making chain?

The closer they are to your decision maker, the higher the quality of lead.

4. Timeline Urgency: Do they have urgency to solve a problem and to make a buying solution?

How do you speed up the sales cycle? One powerful way is to qualify for timeline urgency.

When was your prospect hoping to find a solution? One a scale of 1-10, where 10 is they need a solution yesterday, what is the heat on their urgency?

The bottom line is that when you have too many leads to follow up with, triaging your leads and investing your best sales energy in your highest caliber leads is a critical step to take.