Yearly Archives: 2018

Stop Wasting Time on Clients Who Won’t Close. Here’s How AI Will Make You Better at Sales

By Heather Wilde –  No matter what type of company you have, how many people you convince to use your product or service can mean the difference between success and failure. While we may use marketing, advertising or good-old-fashioned chutzpah to reach our goals, for many the most reliable way to get people to convert into customers is still... Read More

6 Discovery Call Questions To Help You Prioritize Your Pipeline

By Bardia Shahali –  Below are six examples of sales discovery questions you should ask your prospects for an accelerated sales process. In sales, it’s normal to spend hours rehearsing for an upcoming demo and fine-tuning the deck. But when it comes to the discovery call, many of us assume we can wing it. It’s strange... Read More

A Survey of 1,700 Companies Reveals Common B2B Pricing Mistakes

By Ron Kermisch and David Burns –  Poor pricing practices are insidious — they damage a company’s economics but can go unnoticed for years. Consider the case of a major industrial goods manufacturer that was struggling with low profit margins, relative both to competitors and to its own historical performance. It traced much of the... Read More

Letting Others Shine Can Get You Sky-High Referral Rate

By John Ruhlin –  Decades ago, sales professionals hit upon a mantra to understand how to woo prospects: “What’s in it for me?” But too many salespeople today forget that this question comes from the customer’s point of view, not their own. Want proof of this attitude reversal? Look no further than a recent DiscoverOrg study on... Read More

In Sales, What Does Value Really Mean?

By Jeffrey Gitomer –  Your customer is looking to increase THEIR sales, THEIR customer loyalty, THEIR employee loyalty, THEIR productivity, THEIR morale, THEIR profit, and to have no problems. Are those the values you bring to the table? Value is perhaps the most illusive word in sales. Everyone will tell you how important it is, very... Read More