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How to Negotiate With Intimidating People

By: Jay Jay French This week, I’ll be in Amsterdam at the International Documentary Film Festival, attending the debut of a documentary about the first 10 years in the history of Twisted Sister. Invariably, when we tell the story of how the band survived 10 years in the New York and New Jersey bar scene while struggling... Read More

The People Growing Rich In Sales Share These 5 Entrepreneurial Qualities

By: Yoav Vilner Seems that sales has gotten a bad rap over the past few years, and today it seems young people want nothing to do with it. Salespeople are characterized as overly zealous and manipulative middle-aged men, the used-car salesman if you will. It’s time this stereotype is reinvented. There comes a time when... Read More

Nine Barriers to Coaching a Sales Team

By Keith Rosen For any executive sales coaching initiative to be effective and long-lasting, there are important obstacles that a manager or internal sales coach needs to address. Barrier One: No Coach the Coach Program One of my clients recently called me with questions about building an internal coaching program. It seems the person who... Read More

How to Lead a Masterful Sales Negotiation

By: Mike Schultz A sales negotiation can be lengthy, nerve-wracking, and complex. For many sellers, every negotiation adds at least one gray hair. The challenge is that too many people find themselves in a sales negotiation, but they don’t understand the underlying dynamics of how sales negotiations work. To help you master the art of... Read More

Treat Your Employees Like Your Best Customers

BY JEN AGUSTIN Successful companies are proving that employee happiness sets them apart in many ways from their competitors plagued with employee apathy and turnover. Happy employees are more productive, loyal, and positively contribute to a company’s financial goals—impacting the bottom line. Competition for recruiting top talent is fierce. Savvy companies attract the best people when... Read More