Yearly Archives: 2012

There is no “I” in team

Everyone has heard the phrase above countless times, but what does it mean for sales? I will let you in on a little secret of MultiView’s success as the number one digital publisher for association branded, business to business content. We do everything in teams. 1. Everyone stays accountable. MultiView has goals, just as any... Read More

How to Run a Productive Sales Team Meeting

No. 1: Keep the Excitement Up From Robert Sofia of Platinum Advisor Marketing Strategies, LLC Sales meetings are all about creating excitement. Never let them become gripe sessions or chances to drone on about boring procedures. Play pump-up music before you start. Give away prizes. Talk about big plans. Get everyone revved up, then break!... Read More

Now Hiring? Tips for Conducting Interviews

It’s not always a candidate’s fault when a job interview goes south. Hiring managers can commit a litany of sins, such as interrupting interviews to answer phone calls, failing to take notes, acting bored or distracted, bad-mouthing their own companies, bullying applicants, or asking “gotcha” questions for no reason at all, say human-resources consultants. The... Read More

Employee Time Wasters: Email and Co-Workers

Dealing with annoying co-workers and office politics are just some of things keeping employees from being as productive as possible, new data show. Nearly 70 percent of employees waste as much as two hours each week on non-work tasks, with 11 percent spending more than five hours a week on tasks that detract from their... Read More

Using Fake Resume References? Be Careful

Job seekers who believe the reference section of their resume isn’t as important as the rest of it should think again, new research shows. A study by CareerBuilder revealed the vast majority of employers — 80 percent — contact references when evaluating potential employees, with 16 percent of employers calling references even before they ask... Read More