Yearly Archives: 2011

On the Job, Beauty Is More Than Skin-Deep

By SUE SHELLENBARGER Most people assume being good-looking gives you a career boost. But just how much does it help? A lot. Good-looking people charm interviewers, get hired faster, are more likely to make more sales and get more raises. Daniel Hamermesh, an economics professor at the University of Texas in Austin, measures out the... Read More

Job growth in September was better

The U.S. Department of Labor issued one of its better jobs reports this morning, showing job growth in September was better than what economists expected, and revising upward its zero growth August numbers. The monthly employment report also showed improvement in hourly earnings large enough to offset the loss in August. American non-farm payrolls grew... Read More

Apple Sets iPhone Event Oct. 4

By IAN SHERR And MATT JARZEMSKY Apple Inc. invited reporters to an iPhone-related event Oct. 4, setting the stage for the widely anticipated launch of its latest smartphone. On Tuesday, Apple sent reporters an email with the message, “Let’s talk iPhone,” inviting them to an event at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters. Apple has traditionally held... Read More

LinkedIn Gets Closer to Job Seekers

By JOSEPH WALKER The application process for millions of job hunters will soon be simplified — as long as they’re on LinkedIn, that is. Yesterday, the professional networking site announced a partnership with Taleo, the country’s largest job applicant tracking system provider, to allow job seekers to auto-fill basic biographical and professional history information from... Read More

Job Seekers Are Getting Tested

By RUTH MANTELL And you thought vandalizing your high school’s drama club room wouldn’t haunt you in adulthood. As it turns out, your childhood misdeeds, along with whether you care about someone else’s bad day and how much you read, may have an impact on how a prospective employer views you. To get a read... Read More