How to Pitch Your Product in a Way That Will Finally Resonate

By Michael Pici- I’m often asked by salespeople and business owners alike about ‘the pitch’: “How do I create an elevator pitch that actually generates more business?” If you spend time thinking about your elevator pitch, I have bad news for you: you’re wasting your time. My problem with the elevator pitch is that nobody... Read More

Making Uncoachable Sales Reps Coachable

By Keith F. Davis- One common question I’m asked when I conduct sales management training sessions is about how to handle salespeople who do well selling, but are seemingly uncoachable. This is a common issue that needs to be addressed since, just as good attitudes are contagious, so are poor ones. Whenever I’m asked this... Read More

7 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Start Selling More

By Marc Wayshak- As a salesperson, there are only so many things you can control. You can’t control market trends, changes at your company, your prospects’ moods or the features of your product. But you can control how much you sell, and that’s really all that matters. Instead of worrying about all the factors outside your control,... Read More

How the Best Salespeople Make Customers ‘Fall in Love’

By Tim Askew- The English philosopher Bertrand Russell, in The Impact of Science on Society, states simply, “If you feel love, you have a motive for existence, a reason for action.” People want to fall in love. A good salesman should let them. To explain what I mean by this, let me step backwards for... Read More

When NON-Decision Makers Reject Your Price

By Michael Pedone-  “How should I respond when a NON decision maker asks me about pricing? Every time I answer them after they press me for a price, they say “Oh – my manager would never approve that” and the call ends. What should I do?” To answer this correctly, we are going to reference... Read More