So, how does one combat chronic sleeplessness? Creating (and sticking to) a regular schedule certainly helps. If you work primarily from home, create definitive work hours, making sure you give yourself enough time to unwind after finishing work. If work is still on your mind when you hit the sack, you’ll probably find yourself lying awake for a while. And when your alarm clock goes off, get up no matter what. Resist the temptation to oversleep and screw up your sleep cycle.


Stress can get the best of us at times, and what could be better for you than melting your problems (and fat) away with every rep, stride or lift at the gym? Not much. Working out is a great outlet for relieving stress, to distract you from daily pressures–and to get fit at the same time. Regular exercise wards off depression and a host of other mental blocks that make success hard to achieve.

Of course, we could talk about exercising more until we’re blue in the face. The important thing is that we actually get out and do it. Schedule 30 minutes to an hour of workout time into your day. Don’t promise yourself you’ll do it at lunch or when you get home. Nine times out of 10, the drain of the day prevents us from lifting a finger when we get back to the house. Instead, treat your workout as an essential aspect of your success. It’s not just something you should do; it’s something you must do.

As much as the idea of “falling on your sword” seems romantic, we can’t expect to kill ourselves with work and get very far. Self-maintenance is critical to your success because it allows you to go further, get more done and most importantly, be happy doing it.